Sunday, 18 June 2017 05:39

What types of commercial/industrial applications do RO systems serve?

If there is a necessity for water treatment, chances are a Reverse Osmosis System can do the job. There's a wide array of industries that benefit from having high-purity water, as well as a large number of applications where water treatment is required. Because of the extreme volumes of water required, a Reverse Osmosis System is often the ideal, economical solution, requiring less energy than most large-scale treatment methods. Because they consume less energy, a Reverse Osmosis System is often the  environmentally friendly solution as well. At Pure Aqua, we pride ourselves as being a go-to source for information and service helping you solve your municipal, commercial, or industrial water treatment needs.

    • Pretreatment of Boilers
    • Food and Beverage Services
    • Industrial wastewater purification
    • DI water pretreatment
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • Ice making
    • Car washes
    • Pure ethanol
    • Dairy industry
    • Maple syrup
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Water Bottling
    • Hospitals
    • Agriculture
    • Humidification