Our services

Our company's most important objectives:-
1.    Working to disseminate our name, expand our business and increase our specialties.
2.    Increasing our sales, distribution of our products, and our share in the domestic and Arabic markets.
3.    Focus on the significance of customer satisfaction in terms of providing solutions, services and products with the highest quality and the best prices in order to attain this respect and loyalty.
4.    We strive to increase our qualifications and training our staff to constantly keep up with the latest developments in water treatment and our ability to serve the customer and their growing requirements in excellent and professional ways.
5.    Applying quality and excellence standards on our products and services in harmony with the international quality standards.
6.    Working persistently to develop our capabilities and services, plus using the latest technologies to be in the lead.
7.    Participation in protecting the environment and environmental activities, by working on ways which are friendly environment like reducing chemicals and contribute to save and recycle water.

Services that our company provides :-

Water for Drinking:-

  • Cities, villages, residential and tourist complexes.
  • Hospitals, factories, companies and water bottling factories.
  • Hotels, restaurants and farms.

Water for industries:-

  • Water treatment plants for chemical industries.
  • Water treatment plants for food industries.
  • Water treatment plants for heavy and engineering industries.
  • Water treatment plants for oil fields, petrochemical industries and power stations.

Ultrapure water:-

  • Water treatment plants for pharmaceutical industries, such as purified water, water injections
  • Water treatment plants for cosmetic and chemical medical industries.
  • Water treatment plants for hospitals, such as dialysis equipment, autoclaves, dentists and other different uses.

Wastewater Treatment:-

        -Sewage Treatment Plants for:-

  • Residential Complexes.
  • Tourist Projects.
  • Factories.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Other Services:-

  • Consultation studies and re-designs.
  • Maintenance contracts and re-designs for old water and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Supplying spare parts, chemicals, laboratory equipments and supplements for treatment plants.
  • Consultation on the field of water and wastewater treatment plants.


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