K- serious & DI- WATER

K- serious & DI- WATER

  From ancient times until now we use distilled water in the laboratory. The production of water by this means contains some impurities as salts (4-7) ppm. This type of water is not suitable for the simplest kinds of chemical and biological analysis. The process is expensive compared with (DI-water two in one direct from tape water)  which has a high purity level less than 1 ppm, the process is cost effective and efficient and other features as below:
K –serious, Water Purifier Model Wp- 1101HB made in Korea & Aswar Al-Joub Co. have been conducting bite modification and addition for the purpose of obtaining very high pure water reach up to 18 Mega ohm.

Ultra Pure Water Application:-

  • HPLC isocratic and gradient solution preparation.
  • Preparation chemical titration solution.
  • Spectrophotometer and electrophoresis system.
  • Buffer and cell culture media preparation.
  • LC buffer preparation.
  • Sample dilution.

Our Deionizer Benefits:-

  • Compact and Easy to use.
  • Easy installation, operation (e.g., purification packs can be replaced in seconds) and maintenance.
  • Easy to replace pre-treatment parts according to the feed water sources.
  • Very low running cost.
  • Water purification system that instantly provides deionized water (TDS less than 1ppm).
  • High efficiency Up to (18-10) Moms, direct from Tap water.
  • Korean and American parts.
  • Guarantee for a period of three years of materials and work.
  • Optional 0.22 um filter produces bacteria – free water.
  • Optional an online 254nm UV lamp advance.

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